Mining Rubber Sheet

Rubber Skrit Board

The rubber skirt board is a sealing component that is commonly used in conveyor systems to prevent materials from spilling or escaping from the sides of the conveyor belt. It can also help to prevent dust and other fine particles from escaping from the conveyor system. This can help to improve the overall cleanliness and safety of the work environment.

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Standard Product Sheet

Property Value
Hardness (Shore A) 55/60/65 +/-5
Density (g/cm³) 1.5/1.45/1.35/1.3/1.25
Tensile Strength (MPa) 4/6/8/10/15
Elongation (%) 200/250/300/350/400
Tear Resistance (N/mm) 18/20/25/30/35
Abrasion Resistance at 5N (mm³) 500/350/300/350/200
Compression Set after 22h at 70℃ (%) 60/50/45/40/35
Work Temp (℃) -40 to 90