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Founded in 1984. More than 40 years of experience in the industry gives us a strong advantage in the procurement of raw materials and the production of finished products.

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We have first-class production equipment and an excellent production team, which can meet a large number of production needs in a short time.

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Our team is on call 7×24 to maintain in-depth contact and cooperation with customers to ensure their satisfaction in order processing and after-sales service.



Established in 1984, Sanhe Great Wall Rubber Co., Ltd. is a renowned expert in the field of rubber sheets. As a leading manufacturer of rubber sheets in China, we have established in-depth collaborations with over 200 customers from various industries across the globe, delivering hundreds of superior quality rubber sheet products.

Our team of over 20 technical experts forms the cornerstone of our continuous innovation, enabling us to provide customers with the best and cutting-edge solutions. Backed by a workforce of nearly 1,000 highly skilled workers, we guarantee to meet all our customers’ demands efficiently and deliver their orders on time.

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GREAT WALL RUBBER manufactures, processes, and distributes premium rubber sheets for various industries. Our utmost priority is to maintain exceptional quality standards, while also providing our customers with the most competitive pricing options.


Used to seal, cushion and protect machinery and equipment in a variety of industries.


Used to improve the living environment of animals and improve comfort.


The most economical flooring solution for public spaces, easy to clean.


Used to protect equipment from corrosion and wear, increasing the safety of mining operations.

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